Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dale Chihuly is my favorite contemporary artist.....

But first....Many thanks to Mike Coyle, for helping me navigate my new blog spot. Mike is a brilliant Civil Engineer/General Contractor/Designer/Inventor/and Rocker (yes, had to add that one since he plays guitar for "The Schoolboyz", a local rock n' roll band)...if you have any engineering questions (ok, rocker questions too), for example, if your house is leaning, heaving or crumbling and you don't know why, he can help you! check out his blog at

Dale Chihuly is my favorite contemporary artist. Most people know him for his alarmingly fragile glass-art installations, which I also adore. But did you know that this glass artist is also a painter? I believe that he will be in our history books not just for the unique experience he gave us for walking through his installations (he was one of the first) but I believe that he will be most famous for his paintings. He lovingly calls his paintings his "drawings". Walk into a room filled with these beauties and you will be filled with joy, honestly, it is a life altering moment to be immersed in one of his "drawing" exhibitions. I was fortunate to view his work in Colorado Springs last summer. Everyone was having this experience of awe over his work. It did something (good) to them. His "drawings" echo back to a time when Expressionistic Abstract painting was fresh and alive with the unique spirit of the artist. There is nothing stale or repetitive in this man's work. His spirit flies. It is emotional work; fun and expansive. Dale Chihuly is alive and well living in the Pacific northwest. You can learn more about this extraordinary fine artist at

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Anonymous said...

helloooo i really like your bloggy. and your (my!) painting looks great- can't wait to see it hanging in my house. we saw an artist in maui that is a local he uses areospace technology with minerals and pigments to create interesting abstracts. i have his dvd and we can watch it sometime. he encourages viewers to touch his paintings- some look like jewels...
maybe you could put more of your stuff on your blog soon? :))


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