Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Denver Art Museum addition a BIG HIT!

Here's a great quote from the Los Angeles Times discribing the Denver Art Museum's new $91 - million dollar addition: "It looks like a gigantic crystal that has plunged from the sky and slammed into a downtown street." You gotta love it. That quote I mean. I haven't visited our new "gigantic crystal" yet to know whether I love it or not (and that quote from the L.A. Times was the kindest thing they had to say about our new museum). Evidentally, the critics aren't so keen on the project because the interior walls slant. That's right. Even the walls that are exhibiting the "great" works of contemporary art that the museum owns slant. They say that the slant makes it "impossible to view the work without feeling like you want to keep moving". And speaking of "keep moving", all Denverites have for 3 years. We couldn't help but watch the installment of this huge building, driving by with amazment as construction crews carefully placed enormous pieces of glass over a busy street below. With all this said, the museum opens to the public this Saturday, October 7. Once I am inside I will undoubtedly want to add my own review in a later post...I'm wondering if the slanted walls will disturb me....hmmm, I've always seen things on a slant anyway, so I seriously doubt it. Will the Architect, Daniel Libeskind, actually be able to woo me with his "mad" design? Probably.
* Free Shuttle: there will be a free shuttle running to the Denver Art Museum from the Cherry Creek parking lot. Cherry Creek parking is free and the shuttle will pick you up in front of Neiman Marcus between 1st and Milwakee St. This service will be available October 7, 2006 thru January 7, 2007.
* Christmas 2006. The U.S. Postal Service 2006 Christmas Stamp features the Denver Art Museum's painting Madonna and Child with Bird, by Ignacio Chacon. Stamps will be available in November. You can view the original painting in the museum's permenant collection of Spanish Art.

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Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

I am eager to see the interior too. My guess is I will think it's cool, but then after a while... I don't know... let's hope it brings intrigue, contemplation and joy... because that's what it's all about- hokey pokey.


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