Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Future Peter Jackson

YOUNG ARTISTS: I can't help it! I am bursting with pride and joy over the accomplishments of my teenage nephew, the aspiring film maker, Nick Coyle. He founded his 'BlueFire Studios' a few years ago when he was only 15. Now 17, this young lad has caught the attention of a successful film studio that was impressed with his short films. They have invited him to do a internship with them this coming summer! In addition to the internship they asked him to pick what he believes to be his best short film so that they can feature it on their website. Already he shows depth and maturity as he directs, edits, films and sometimes even scores each of his short films. Click here to access his website for a sample of his work:

AND YET, ANOTHER YOUNG ARTIST! Congratulations to my niece who, after a professional audition, was granted 3 small (but very important) parts in the Jewish Community Center''s production of the musical play, Gypsy. We are so proud of you!

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