Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This painting is of an affirmation that I wrote: "Laughter fills my heart with joy" The idea I have for my affirmation paintings is that they will serve as inspiration to the one who is viewing it....that it will inspire joy, in this case the feeling of laughter being my intention. So, this is an abstract painting, an expressionistic experiment. Solely from my heart to yours....and I had a lot of fun painting it. By the time I was done there was paint under my nails and in my hair. Absolutely freeing. It's poster size (big) and painted on my favorite acid free French paper. I used watercolor, pens, acrylic paints, ink, and pastels. 2006. I am not crazy about how my work reproduces on the internet, this painting, for instance, has a lot of detail that is lost, but you get the idea.
"Give me a person who sings at his work."
-Thomas Carlyle

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