Thursday, August 23, 2007

Victoria Magazine Being Resurrected

"The Bliss is back....pass it on", so says the slogan for the new Victoria Magazine. Hopefully, this new version will have retained some of the much loved "edge" the original had. Hoffman Media recently bought the rights to Victoria Magazine from Hearst which ceased publication of it back in 2003. I think the new publisher has some mighty big shoes to fill. They are a smaller publisher situated in the south; Birmingham, Alabama to be exact. They will need similar editors with "high ideals" to keep their new version from becoming too sugar sweet. Hoffman's other media slogan to help launch their new venture is "The rebirth of a classic. The return of a friend." What did I love about the old Victoria? It was truly a unique place to discover lesser known artists like Jennifer Bell and Linda Carter Holman. In fact, they would feature an "Artist in Residence" for several months so you could actually dig deep into the artist's process. Another cool monthly column was the Calling Cards section which featured super creative business cards by owners who had a definite flair. And the beautiful photography was always inspiring. I'm all for the new editors picking up where those much loved features left off. Here's to Victoria being full of fun, wit and let us not forget, Bliss.

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