Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Summer almost over

Here in CO we are used to abrupt endings to my favorite season...and this year is no exception. Yesterday I headed out for work wearing a sweater, a coat and scarf no less! Brr, but typical for this area. This photo is of my garden cherub (reproduction of 'Summer') a few days before that blast and before she (he?) was brought inside for the season. When I sold antiques a few years ago I had these statues made for my customers. The guy at the manufacturer was very thoughtful in making sure he 'designed' these exactly as I instructed. Instructions are for a flat head (no easy task) and a custom shade of white cement. The flat top allows me to permanently attach a traditional china saucer which acts as base for a potted plant, a bowl of bird seed, or a bowl full of fresh fruit (in the kitchen). People went crazy for these and I couldn't keep them in stock fast enough. If you like him (her?) just give me a shout and we can talk about it.

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