Monday, December 10, 2007


Today, I want to introduce you to some reconstructed vintage from Hay-Lo Designs. Designer, Tricia Hayworth (below wearing one of her designs), is a whiz at taking what is old and making it most definitely new again. Not only are these designs a creative alternative for the fashion savvy woman but also a Green solution for the environmentally conscious among us. After I saw her beautiful designs in a Denver boutique, I contacted Tricia** to ask her about them. She responded with the answers below, and shares some before and after shots of what she currently has up her sleeves:

Who is your style icon? Anyone who takes a chance.

When did you first realize you had a gift for giving new life to old designs? About 20 years ago I wore my mother's 1960's cocktail dress to a school dance. Around this time I was also experimenting with old jeans-tearing them up and painting them.

In your opinion what color flatters people the most? Black will always be classic and chic. And, if you need a pop of color, you just throw on a colorful accessory like a scarf, bag or shoes.

Do you ever look at a well constructed vintage piece and decide you can't cut it up into a new design? Absolutely. I have kept a few pieces in their original state because they are just so perfect the way they are, but most of the time I feel that deconstructing something will make it more wearable, therefore, getting it out of the back of the closet into a fabulous party!

What inspires you most? Many things...people on the street, women in history, art, travel...

What book are you currently reading? The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George.
Why the name Hay-Lo? Hay-Lo is the combination of my married name "Hayworth" (although I am no longer married but I recognize that important phase in my life) and my maiden name, "Lobaugh". These names represent the past and present, just like my clothing, choosing something from the past and taking it into the present.

Do you have a design resolution for the New Year? Just to continue to produce quality, one-of-a-kind pieces that make people happy.

What advice would you give designers who are starting a business? Network like crazy with local art and fashion groups, exposure is everything...and you must be passionate and believe in what you do because people will try to knock you will need those beliefs over and over again to fall back on...

Which celebrity would you like to see wearing one of your garments? I could see Kirsten Dunst in my designs - she seems like an all American girl who likes vintage, but I am mostly going to focus on designing for the everyday girls like myself!

**If you have a favorite old garment that no longer fits or has lost its' pizazz, consider calling on Tricia. She'll work with you to conjure up some design ideas and transform it into something new and glorious.

Thank you Tricia and good luck with your wonderful venture!! I will be in touch for some reconstruction of that 1950's sundress I was telling you about!


Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

Interesting! She has such a good thing going. I wonder if she still has that dress I admired... did you notice it last time you were in the shop??

Thea said...

Carmel, I think she may have sold it because last time I was in the store I looked for it and couldn't find it. If you use the link to her website you will see a model wearing that very dress...several of the things we saw that day seemed to be gone...and hopefully so! that means her open house went really well. Tricia definitely has a knack for, and love for what she does and it shows!


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