Thursday, January 03, 2008

Some Wisdom for a New Year (notes to myself)

* Never let a dog eat a grape. Just about every one's heard about chocolate and dogs, but did you know about grapes? Grapes, raisins, wine are toxic to most dogs. Sometimes just one grape can kill a dog; depends on the breed of the dog, size of the dog and how long it was in the digestive system before getting the medical attention needed. My sister's little Lulu ate (sneaked) 12 grapes (!) the day before Christmas eve, but after 48 hrs. in the pet hospital, on IVs, she lived to tell the story! Lulu says, "pass it along, never let your doggie eat a grape, have a sip of your wine (huh?), or beg you for a raisin, it may taste really, really, yummy, but it's just not worth it!"

* Always make the effort to be on time. Show up, deliver, make it on time. The Universe will respond. Those of us who are (were) late all the time usually notice(d) that the Universe is (was) SLOW in bringing the goods, whatever they may be. If you change that around by being on time for whatever obligations you have then you may just see things start happening in your life. Being on time makes you attract lots more "on time" energy into your life.

* Give the teenagers "10 Qualities of a True Friend", by Deepak Chopra. Read it yourself before you wrap it up, then be that kind of friend and expect it in return.

* Write your wishes as though they were affirmations. Instead of stating "I want", state it as "I am", or "I have". Miracles will follow because you will be in the present moment with your hearts desire, and because when you write them like this there will be some things you thought you were waiting for, that have been there all along. "They" were waiting for you, to recoginze them.

* Never check your email more than 2x's per day, don't spend more than 2 min. responding and only respond to those expecting a response. This is all, of course, to stay sane and efficient and not a slave to your lovely computer age life.

Happy New Year All! Love and Peace throughout our world!

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Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

Nice list for the New Year, Thee.
I have one of my own brewing- I'll hopefully get to it before the year is too far along.
Yes... being on time is a good one, but I always think of you as a punctual person... Now, MOM... there's another story...


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