Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lots to Be Happy About

Instead of writing a review about Marci Shimoff's new book, "Happy for No Reason", I've decided to write you a few catch phrases that really sum up the entire contents quite nicely:

Life's a Journey.
Whatever floats your boat.
Look for the silver lining.
There's lots to be happy about.
Experience is the greatest teacher.
Be still.
Follow your bliss.
Be of service.
Count your blessings.
Live an inspired life.
Don't worry. Be happy.

This book is filled with stories from what Marci calls the "Happy 100"'ll meet the lady who went blind and then found her bliss, and you'll read about Goldie Hawn's first experience during meditation. For the most part, I liked this book very much and I think that Marci has a message that she is passionate about. But, every one of her "Happy for No Reason" people, in my humble opinion, have arrived at their happiness due to something happening in their life that forces them to realize that there really is "Lots to Be Happy About", afterall.

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