Thursday, March 20, 2008

Inspired "Spring-time" Spaces

I'm always looking for new and inventive ways to store all of my books and paper paraphernalia, both of which I collect at an alarming rate. I thought these images offered lots of inspiring ideas for tackling some "Spring" cleaning that I have in mind... This is a photo of a store display inside Bountiful in Venice, CA. I love the scale and the space; I would probably use the space directly below the books to tack up favorite pictures and photos, but maybe not. Photo credit: Paper Pony
This photo is of a window display from Anthropologie last Spring. There's lots of creativity here and it's easy enough to do in your own home by attaching cork (available at craft stores) to the wall behind a long narrow table. I think the key is to make sure that the board is the same length of the table and that you take it up high enough so that the lines flow evenly, in other words: make it abundant, then you can go crazy tacking up whatever images inspire you on a daily basis.
Photo credit: Platinum Blonde Life

My mom's been using her ironing board as a table in her 'studio' for years, so when I saw this I really understood how it could work as a bookshelf. Evidently, the owners of this ironing board took it to a auto body paint shop and had them paint it enamel red. Works for me! Photo Credit: Nina Hale

Happy first day of Spring everyone! Sending out lots of love....

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