Thursday, June 05, 2008


Slow movement author, Carl Honore, will be speaking in Boulder this evening, 6-5-08, at the fabulous Organic Orbit Cafe. This is a sold out dinner engagement from 6pm to 9pm, BUT, I have word that they are taking 4 people for back-up in case of last minute cancellations; price is $55.00 per person plus $10.00 for purchase of his new book "Under Pressure".

For those of you who will miss the Boulder event there's still a chance to hear Carl speak in Denver tomorrow, 6-6-08, 7pm at The Tattered Cover Bookstore (Colfax and Elizabeth). The Tattered Cover event is co-sponsored by The Denver Waldorf School, a truly 'slow' movement educational system that the children of our "rushed" world need more than ever before.

In "Under Pressure, Rescuing Childhood from the culture of hyper-parenting", the author uses his own experience as a parent to explore how we adults often times seize the opportunity when the word "gifted" and a child's name is spoken in the same sentence. In his own case, his son's art teacher said that his son was a 'gifted' artist, and, before he could stop himself, Carl Honore was caught up in a whirlwind of finding tutors to nurture his child's precious gift to draw. His own son had to stop him and say, "I don't want a tutor. Can't I just draw? I just want to draw." That's when the author knew that his son just wanted to be a kid and not a kid that the adults were molding to be the next Picasso.

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