Tuesday, June 10, 2008

small town Paris

I checked out the local flea-market last Saturday. Here's a few snap shots of what I saw...

The first booth had the above free advertisement post cards and I took one for my nifty inspiration board. I have every "advertisement post card" that the organizers have produced for the past 5 years, they are all very different and equally creative. My commercial art background always appreciates fun and effective advertising. I'm thinking they should make posters of these things and give those away also; or maybe they could sell them....people might buy them. Wouldn't you buy one? My niece, who is a Paris crazy teenager, would wall paper her bedroom with these posters. And maybe they could have a contest where local artists send in their design ideas, the winner's design is used for the postcard and poster, or better yet, there are 3 winners and 3 different post cards and posters produced for that season. This is something that the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur did years ago. hm....I'll have to give my marketing two-cents to the owners and see what happens.

The thing I really love about the 'Paris' market is that they also sell organic fruits, vegetables, pastries, and breads and the antique vendors sell flowers and plants.....makes for a beautiful sight.
Loved the architectural detail in the "Caviano" booth, and the oil painting (not a print or a copy) of someones ancestor was priced at only $50 bucks, a pretty good deal for a very nice vintage portrait by an unknown artist.

I've seen this reproduction image before....but isn't it the coolest? I am always drawn to the art on wine labels and vintage posters.

This sweet table was given an "edge" when someone brilliantly added a black border making it much more interesting and less ordinary, and definitely a little less "sweet"....

And finally, just had to take a photo of the vendor with the braids. She has had this hair style for 10 years but she did say that it is very heavy on her head. She had massive amounts of beads woven through out. Not only was it long but it was also very bulky which doesn't show up in the photo. I don't think she'll be changing her hair style any time soon, from what I could tell, it sure did draw a lot of attention to her.

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