Thursday, February 26, 2009


Here in Colorado it is warmer than usual. The weather people are calling it "La Nina", they said Coloradoans can expect warm and dry weather conditions for the next 3 months! Hopefully, that won't mean snow in May....but you know Colorado, it could happen.

All this warm weather has me looking for Market Bags (some women look for sandals, I look for market bags) and I found this collection of absolute winners. In the summer, I'll be filling mine with vine ripe tomatoes, eggplants, peaches, basil, scallions and freshly cut blossoms. Take a look and see if you don't agree....these are really cute.

The bags above are from an unlikely source, a guy! That's right, and this guy sure has an eye for beautiful things, and he sews! Brian Vann works from home in San Francisco. Many of his bags are made with Vintage fabrics, so they are one of a kind. I'm crazy for this guys bags.

And here's a really cool example of a humble Market Bag. From Bean Blossom; I can't imagine a better bag, really, it's so user friendly, since it already has a worn look it is very worries about messing up this bag. And that's my kind of bag, no fuss, no muss.

Okay. I confess I love all things Midwest Modern and this bag really does it for me. This is from a pattern and fabric available on their if you want, you can whip one of these babies up for yourself in no time at all (and maybe one for me, while you're at it?) Though it doesn't REALLY fall under the Market Bag category (it's just not big enough to haul all that stuff around) I thought I'd throw it in the mix because, well, because it's "French".

Do you speak Dolce & Gabbana? This beauty can hang on my door anytime, and I think it would be somewhat practical too....I mean, come on! it's black and very roomy....I'd be able to add a giant baguette, and 2 arm loads of flowers instead of one. Lovely.
The Mexicans have something we don't, color sense that is riotous. These are made in Mexico from oilcloths. They have many more designs to choose from on their website. Very cute indeed.
I'm dreaming of summer even though it's still February!

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