Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fashion as Art, Jewelry

The silk, wearable art cuffs, above, are from Dries Van Noten.  I love the African inspired design, and they look super comfortable, which is always important.  Each cuff is unique and piled with embroidered beads. Ethnic and wonderful!  I'd sure like to get my "arms" on those!

Well, I just like this photo so much.  She must fancy herself as some kind of nature loving bride.  And, although I would forgo the tiara, that necklace with a white blouse and jeans?  Smashing art!  The birds are a nice touch, and if they promised me "no bird poop" I wouldn't mind having them nest in my hair, either.

Forget the earrings, these crystal bracelets are stunning!  Made by the artists at Swarovski, they are Vintage, circa 1980's. 
A pretty bracelet with a simple top and slacks, always comfortable and easy, and a nice way to "frame" a bracelet that is really a piece of art in and of itself. 
Doesn't need to be a Swarovski, though.  I once found a vintage crystal bracelet, different, but as nice as the one above, at the Paris Street Market for 5 bucks. 

Okay, her head aches either because those gorgeous pearls weigh a ton, or she's in buyers remorse as it must have set her back thousands!  Want the look without the pouty headache? Just wear fakes. 
Coco Chanel wore fake pearls, so did Helena Rubinstein,...heck, they invented fake, and they were artists, indeed.

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