Thursday, September 02, 2010

New Art, Inner Peace

I'm always so inspired by the gentle disposition of the Native Americans in Santa Fe.  They sit in front of the Governor's Palace daily, selling their jewelry, pottery and art wares. Those who are lucky and have visited New Mexico's capitol as frequently as I, know of whom I speak.  They are a proud bunch, and it's hard to believe that they are a suppressed Indian Nation. It's heart wrenching to know what they once had, compared to what they have the way of land, and respect, and freedom to practice their beliefs.  It's all pretty much gone for them, except in ceremonial opportunities that the city affords them, and of course, in the freedom of their own homes. There, in the privacy of their homes, I'm certain you will find them hanging onto all they can of what their Great Grandparents taught hopes that their culture will not die out entirely.  What I've noticed about these forgiving people is that they have a quiet sense of peace about them,....especially the ladies.  And that's what I hope to have captured here.  It's from my minds' memory of these kind people, out of which this painting was born.  She is a gentle soul, radiant, forgiving, quiet, colorful, introspective, and above all, peaceful.

Inner Peace, 2010. graphite pencil, water color, acrylic paint on archival board.


Carmel said...

Hi Thea, thanks for popping into my little blog.
I love your lady's colours!

Jeanne said...

You have captured the essence of peace beautifully here Thea. Well done!

Jeanne :)

Thea said...

Thank you Carmel (and you have the same name as my sister!)
Thank you Jeanne!


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