Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Say it isn't so!!

I am recently back from Santa Fe!! and as usual, I was so inspired by the necklace art we saw in the shops and on the people around town. In Santa Fe everything has a festive flair, and the ladies will wear amazing,sometimes incredibly huge necklaces with ballet tops, jeans and cowgirl boots. A lookLOVE and want to emulate...but, unfortunately I have no photos!!!  I was having such a good time, I forgot to take pictures.(Can you believe it?) So, I've collected a few similar things from flickr to show you here. I would love to wear any one of these with a t-shirt, jeans and boots for a fantastic look. (Yes, I'd even wear the corsage necklace with jeans) Commentary and links below. Click on photo for a closer look at necklace.

The black and white photos (bottom right) are attributed to Fashion Stylist, Angel Phillips, who is known for her wonderful necklaces. The theatrical corsage-like necklaces were made from reclaimed plastic and fabric flower parts and both are by the talented artist/designer, Casey Dwyer .  Aren't they such a super great example of how recycling can lead to artistic expression?! 
The zipper necklace (in the center) is hand sewn by Alice Pleasance in Italy...and I think if I had to pick the most creative of the bunch, this zipper necklace is truly a stand out.  
The acai fruit beads (middle far right) are from Brazil by Justine Standaert who lives in Mexico.  She says these beads are energy boosting to the person wearing them.
The fairy pendant was made in a class with Tim Holtz. Rubber stamps and a vintage soda cap are both part of the finished product.  
But I've saved my favorite for last (top left).  By Jacob Schere of Lucid Communications...a statues head draped with shell necklaces. Love it.

1. In Prayer wth Shell Necklaces, 2. Candy Thief Treasure Necklace, 3. Montezuma Necklace, 4. Candy Thief Treasure Necklace, 5. Zipper Necklace, 6. Large Red Acai Necklace, 7. Tim Holtz Lemon Soda Pin/Necklace, 8. ......................., 9. ....................


Alyn Carlson said...

Wow these are gorgeous. So fun.

Jeanne said...

Thank you for showing these Thea... I love them all.
Wouldn't it be fun to have one for different occasions.
I think I could find one for each one. The bottom center one would suit me today :))

Best wishes for a wonderful week!

Jeanne xx

PS..thanks so much for all your lovely comments, thanks for stopping by!

Thea said...

Thank you Alyn and Jeanne! The artistry on Flickr is amazing.


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