Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March is Green

Spring arrived on Sunday and green is on my mind. The grass outside my office window is beginning to wake up and stretch toward our high altitude sun and I do believe I see some green! I feel like celebrating this moment of green, so I've found some Spring green on Flickr that is as fresh as the green outside my window.

Bottom row, center: The glass wall makes me want to build one like it, and I know just where to go for my supplies. When I was in Rocky Mountain National Forest a few years ago I found a secret little rock shop tucked away in the small town of Estes Park. It was there that I discovered they not only sold rocks but also big chunks of industrial glass. I remember digging through a big huge box of the stuff looking for just the right pieces and colors. I was wondering why they had big, heavy worker gloves next to the box but it wasn't until later when it was too late that I also saw a sign that said "must wear gloves to handle glass". That was AFTER my hands had cuts and were bleeding. But it wasn't so bad, I just washed my hands off and put on some band-aids and traveled home with my treasures. Next time I'm there I will be a seasoned buyer and use the gloves to find my glass chunks. And by the looks of this wall, I will need the gloves in order to survive.
Be sure and click the links below for more information and a closer look at these stunning images.

  1. macro art , 2. Green Top, Booties and Ushi, 3. The Green Fairy, 4. Green., 5. Art Glass, 6. Green Eyes Folk Art Angel Painting

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