Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Old Mexican Tourist Pottery

Once a year our small library hosts an antique appraisal fair and this year we took advantage of this free event. We were allowed to bring 2 items each and I brought in these two pieces of pottery that I've had for quite a while but have never really known much about them. I thought maybe they were Native American but instead found out the pitcher is Mexican, circa 1930's - 40's and the bowl is probably from Peru, 1950's; both were made specifically for the tourist market. The expert that looked over my items said they were very nice examples and gave a dollar amount of about $50. each. Considering I bought them for a buck at the Goodwill, I'd say I did OK (big grin). We had great fun watching all the characters (and I'm sure they were watching us too!) and couldn't help but feel like we had landed on an episode of Antique Roadshow. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for more of this fancy Mexican tourist pottery, you never know when it might show up at a garage sale, flea market or thrift store. 

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