Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art Pinajian's Museum Debut

Our old friend, Art Pinajian, will have his paintings featured at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum in Woodstock, New York from July 24 - October 11, 2010. 

I browsed the website dedicated to Arthur (or Art, as we fondly called him) and found so many paintings that I just LOVE.  It was hard to choose the ones to show you here, so you simply must go to the site and see more by this profoundly gifted artist.

Art was such a colorful person, always with a joke or two to tell.  We miss him and wish that he could have been here to see everyone fuss over his paintings, at last!! 

P.S. In 1953, during their "road trip" honeymoon, my parents dropped Art off at the U.S. Mexico border.  They watched as their friend walked away, with only a small back pack, into the Mexican landscape.  The town painting and the beach painting below are  2 of the pieces he did while he was on that adventure, wandering that country for many months and getting inspired by all that he saw.


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Thomas V. Schultz said...

Here is the latest regarding Arthur(Art)Pinajian and his second museum exhibition in Boston.


Also, A feature documentary about the artist and the discovery of his body of work is currently being produced.http://keifroberts.com/


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