Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Early September Mosaic

A few of my "September" favorites from the talented artists of Flickr.  I've selected each image for their honest and rich character, that, for me, conjure up the essence of late Summer and early Fall.  The tree, by the way, was done by a 4th grader in art class in 2007, isn't it great?!  It has such depth, I think we are witness to a future artist here.  I hope you enjoy all of these pictures as much as I do, and please click on the links below for a closer look and to learn more about these super "fantastical" (Yes - a word? no? so, I make it a new word) artists.

1. Red Pear (detail), 2. autumn tree, 3. New artists. SPANISH PAINTERS. Contemporary Art. Expressionism Still Lifes. merello.-Regreso del mar (92x73), 4. Colours of Provence, 5. Bird in Hand Journal, 6. Peacock feather in macro, 7. upcycled art book envelopes, 8. Peaches, 9. many fruits

1 comment:

Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

My favorites are the Spanish contemporaries. And who wouldn't love stuff that's been upcycled! Plus the adorable tree by the adorable 4th grader.


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