Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bob, the Princess, KVOD and charming Santa Fe. the watercolor on the right I wanted to capture a fun and light hearted image of two people meeting each other for the first time. Princess Tahiti and Bob sprang from my imagination as a little bit royal but also a little bit ordinary. When I depict people in my paintings I almost always give them a good dose of humor because real life is filled with reasons to smile.
- A light heart lives long. William Shakespeare

The still life watercolor painting above is titled 'Ode to Santa Fe'. The cache pot was an aquisition from a favorite local shop in Santa Fe called 'The Clay Angel'. The Clay Angel sells a dizzying array of European and Mexican pottery. Back home, I filled the cache with one of my popular cherry-red geranium plants, and then put my brush to paper to try to capture the essence and charm of the town I so love.
....and KVOD is Colorado's Classical Music station broadcast by National Public Radio. I want to share this fantastic radio station with you because now you can listen 24/7 anywhere in the world by going to and clicking on "listen". The internet is amazing! People are listening in Japan, Sweden and Alaska! It's hard to believe but even big cities like San Diego, Miami and Detroit no longer have local Classical Music stations; it's enough to make Mozart and Beethoven both roll over in their grave. We must preserve their legacy for future generations. This is healing music; this is the music of artists. Consider it as good as a vitamin. "I've learned what classical means. It means something that sings and dances through sheer joy of existence." - Gustav Holst, composer

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