Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I am amazed. Joe Bravo is painting masterpieces onto tortilla shells! It was something he started doing one day when he didn't have enough money to buy canvas and it was such a success that he continues to this day. Lucky me that I caught a glimpse of his work via the Food Network Awards show Sunday night. May I say it again, AMAZING. But it doesn't stop there. Saxton Freymann will also blow you away. He is a master at making character sculptures out of fruits and vegtables. Yes, you read that right. He manages to make faces out of tomatoes, kiwi and the like. Be ready to smile big time when you view the work of these two gentlemen. Click here to check them out:

ANNOUNCING my new listing at www.denverartists.com !! The painting "The Holly Mother" you see above is the one I chose for my head page. Eventually I will be adding more images and news about my work as it becomes available. Currently my work is available on an ongoing basis at Willow, An Artisan's Market in Historic Downtown Littleton, Colorado.
And lastly, I'm going to expose them as I find out about them.... artists who have things other than their art that they are on fire about!
The first person that's on my list is my sister's old high school friend, Lacey (she's a very private person so I am not using her real name). She currently teaches mathematics at a private boarding school near Leadville, CO (the highest city in the USA), owns a mountain art gallery where she sells paintings by appointment and just returned from Italy where she went to learn the fine art of Tatooing, Italian style! Lacey was always someone to admire. During High School and college she pumped gas at the local gas station, made 4am deliveries of bakery fresh bread to grocery stores and restaurants all over Denver/Boulder and drove a Yellow Taxi Cab for 7 years! Fantastic.

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