Thursday, May 17, 2007

Artistic ways to recycle!

Hi everyone! - I've really been pondering this recycle kick and here are a few of my thoughts....

The painting above is a treasure that I found in a NYC thrift store! Painted by Charles Cobelle in the 1950's it is a very large watercolor on paper. Later I found out it is a valuable piece that is not without mystery. The mystery is surrounding his signature (he signed it Cadelle) and it has stumped even the artist's son and daughter with whom I have been in contact with. After careful consideration they have assured me that it is one of their father's paintings even with the funky signature. I wonder why he signed it Cadelle instead of Cobelle? Such a mystery!! I have become a huge fan of this man's work and look forward to the day when I can add another to my collection. To see more paintings (or to purchase one!) by this once prolific artist, check out the website that his kids have set up in his honor:

Thrifting is one of the ultimate ways to start recycling. And amazing things await you if you have the patience to seek out treasure from other people's trash. For example, why would someone give a painting like the one above away? I can't imagine, don't these people watch Antique Roadshow for goodness sakes? But it does still happen and the rest of us are happy for the mis-givings of a few unfortunate souls.


* Magazines are a business expense for me, many images end up in my reference files. After I have everything I want for my files, I reserve some of the magazine pages as gift wrap. I'll look for interesting or brightly colored pages that will make a zippy gift wrap for CD's, DVD's and small books. Add a rafia ribbon and at least I've saved a tree or two! Once I've finished with the magazine what's left of it is donated to the local art school for students to find type-set, colors, design ideas for projects.

* For fashionistas, re-constructing used and vintage clothing is another great way to recycle. Do you remember our mothers changing the hem on our skirts as the styles changed?! We live in such a throw away world right now, most people won't even sew on a button or mend a hole! I predict that sewing will have a "come-back" and that there will be a "new" market for the work of creative souls who are involved with the re-construction fashion industry.

* Artist or not, we all have to switch to reusable cloth shopping bags or we'll find we're "not in Kansas anymore". I'm proud of my old narly straw bag with it's sturdy leather handles, I take it to the farmer's market every summer. And I have recently made the switch to cloth grocery bags. We also need to remember NOT to use the plastic bags for our fruits and vegies in the produce section. When I get my strawberries home, I coddle and cover them in a bowl lined with a white linen napkin. They stay fresher longer and taste better too!

* Speaking of linen or cloth napkins, sure beats all the trees that it takes to supply us with so many paper napkins. I'm seriously going to make the switch. And what about all those plastic forks and spoon for take out meals?! I'm going to start keeping a clean fork and spoon in my purse to use instead.

Make it a beautiful day!

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Wonderfully creative art!


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