Monday, June 25, 2007

Women in Art, But let's not forget the men!

Hi everyone! Hope that where ever you are that you are staying cool.
I spent the weekend reading, "You are Your Choices" by Alexandra Stoddard. Wow, what a great book by this author whose style of writing usually annoys me. In this new title she speaks more to the heart of things. I welcome her Buddhist slant and refreshing zingers and highly recommend it to anyone with big burning questions. Compassionate, yet honest. Soulful, yet human.
New blogger allows me to add the You Tube link at right - for now I am focusing on the subject of women in the arts. The available video changes as things become published. You can scroll horizontally along the bottom of each finished video to select the next film. I'm bummed because some of my favs are not available anymore - not sure why, maybe I can figure this out later. Please note that some of the video stream may offer opinions and insight that is not exactly in tune with my thoughts on women in the arts or women as the subject of art. But I like the idea of you being able to view them all and then you decide what you like or don't like!
And lastly, I haven't forgotten the men with my new You Tube set up. Pablo, Claude, Marc, Leonardo, and the rest of the gang will probably have their chance here someday too. It's just that I really doubt many men are reading my blog (ok, maybe an ex-boyfriend or two, my brother(s) and my Dad check in to see what my paintbrush has been up to) I just prefer to make my blog more 'girl' friendly. In a relationship who usually does all the talking anyway? Women like to talk, and blogging is an outlet to talk talk talk. We women still need lots of encouragement and guts to make a go at what is in our hearts, art-wise or creative-wise, and I want my blog to cheer that on.
* Archive painting above: "Light Where there is Darkness", Acrylic on canvas by moi, painted sometime in the year 2001. It's huge and hangs in my parents house.

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Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

Men WE won't forget any time soon:

Dad :O)
Randy :O))
Mikey :~)

Clive Owen :O)*&&$%#


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