Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Beautiful, Aspen, Colorado

Isn't this a great photo of an aspen leaf with dew on it?! Artistic! I thought it befitting as I was recently in Aspen to view the Aspen Arts Festival and wanted to write you a little something about an artist I met there. Her name is Yelena Sidorov and she paints masterpieces on silk. I was tempted to buy an original but instead settled for one of her lovely prints. It was VERY hard to choose as she has so many to choose from. "The Green Cat", however, was the one that sang to me and I can't tell you how happy I am with my selection, it looks so great in my flat. There are many things I love about this woman's work, but it is the imaginative fabric designs she drapes her subjects in, and the joy and happiness her subjects exude that are particularly charming. It must be very tedious to paint on silk but she does it with clean, exacting detail. She is a gifted master, a throwback of the best fashion illustrators from Art Deco France. She paints with dyes and achieves an effortlessly luminous effect. Yelena's husband is a talented artist as well. They were both born and educated in Russia but they now live here in Denver, Colorado. When I met her she was shy and demure. Does she realize what a gift she is giving us?

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