Monday, August 20, 2007

Too Attached for my own good....

Summer in Santa Fe
Antique Bust
Before Cherry Pie
The Lady of all Bugs
The Bachelorettes Apartment

Don't get me wrong, I do paint to give it all away,'s just that during the process we bond; they become my friends, my children, so the parting process can feel quite unbearable at times. This is when I get out the camera, take a shot of each one and hightail it to Kinkos. "It's for my portfolio", I will tell you, tell myself, tell everyone. And they will all listen. Artists keep records of the work they send out into the world. It keeps us sane and satisfied.

With promises not to bring out a wallet and show you "their" picture(s) off they go. I wonder all the places they will travel to. It is doubtful that they will send word of their whereabouts. Isn't it fascinating to know that all creative work we leave behind becomes our legacy that will far out last us?! I can only suppose that "Le Jardin" will journey long to find its way to France, ....and my imagining sees to it that "Tropical Fleurs in my Hair" will be packed in the duffel of some shiny futuristic yachtsman who is headed to Tahiti to make a new home.....and I'm curiously betting on "Before Cherry Pie" hanging on the wall of a Pie Emporium in the deep south.....

Get this girl a tissue.

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