Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Paintings; Affordable Art

Small treasures.... (Beeing Bumbley)

Little musings.... (In a French Cafe) SOLD

Fun.... (The Department Store Fairy)

....hello everyone!! I'm working on a new series of small paintings. I hope to be more frequent in posting the latest images. If you see something you like give me a shout, ( I'd be happy to mail one (or two or three) to you! The above originals (and many more) are also available at
Willow, An Artisan's Market in my home town of Littleton. One of my goals is to paint every weekend and these little paintings make me feel like I can meet that goal. Measuring 5"x7", each acrylic painting on canvas board slips perfectly into the handy fuchsia envelope (included). Makes a unique gift for the loved one who would enjoy finding an original painting in the mail (2 stamps required). There's even room on the back of these babies for writing your own personal greeting or birthday wish. And, some people are giving themselves the gift for their own collection! Twenty-five dollars each (includes postage). Don't be shy.
"Just to paint is great fun." - Sir Winston Churchill

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