Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Funny man Jerry Seinfeld is also very wise

Jerry Seinfeld
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I have always loved the comedy of Jerry Seinfeld, and in a recent interview with Oprah, he showed a more serious side of himself by spouting some pretty hefty wisdom.

Jerry's take on the 3 rules for living well are (more or less):
1) bust your butt, 2) be an observer, and 3) fall in love.

I hope you can take a moment to listen to this interview, because no one says it quite like him and it's definitely worth hearing it from the horses mouth: (at the website do a search on Jerry Seinfeld and from there click on the interview)

In the meantime here's my version of the 3 rules:

1) Bust your butt: give what you are doing at any given moment 100% of your self. Climb the ladder, build the empire, start from where you are - give it your all.

2) Be an observer: of everyone and everything, including yourself. Watch how you react, do you have some patterns of reaction that you would like to improve on? Become a people watcher and see how interesting life is....what's going on around you? What can you learn from the people, places, things?

3) Fall in love with EVERYTHING, including your toothbrush, your keyboard, the hiking trail you're on. Jerry talks about being passionate about everything; love what you do, where you are in a constant state of awe!

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thanks for stopping by my blog today. Great post on Seinfeld! One of my all-time favorites...


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