Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Living with Art

I love to see how other people live with art:

This image below is from House Beautiful magazine and was snipped years ago; I resurrected it from my studio file labeled "inspiring art and artists".
I do not know whose collection it was, nor who the quote is from, or the photographer, but what a cool idea for displaying a collection as sculpture, or as a table-scape. "No matter where I put my Mexican milagro crosses and Italian ex-votos, they work. Keep only what you love when you're starting over...."

The photo above is from the January '09 issue of Architectural Digest. The dandelion sculpture in the forefront right dates from the 1960's; I love it because it is so whimsical, and who doesn't like a dandelion? (artist unknown). The table runner is a Japanese obi; the prints or paintings in the background leaning on a long bench are also by an unknown artist. These paintings remind me of 2 large acrylics that my mother did in 1972; many years later she gave them to me when I moved into an apartment in Boulder, she saw that my new place had vaulted ceilings, and her huge paintings were perfect for that space; big paintings demand lots of space.

The dining room photo above from Vogue Living Australia, is the perfect example, I think, of how much flowers mean to a room. The flowers on the table and in the fabric of the comfy, modern chairs add a live able warmth that the room would be void of without those floral touches. Flowers always make a room homey and cozy, and in this example you would otherwise feel like you were in a conference room of some cold, corporate headquarters. Painting is a fun stunner (artist unknown); the red enamel "wall sculptures" (artist unknown), are wonderful!

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Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

You should show some photos of how you live with art. Now that would be interesting...


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