Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bright and Shiney

Mid-October in Santa Fe - now our favorite time of year to visit. Temperatures were cool, mostly locals running around, and serious art in abundance for serious collectors.

Can you believe I purchased my first Santa Fe art? and that the artists were so generous, that they parted with their treasures at only $1.00 each?!

Exactly, and here they are. This is the work of "young" artists, Finn and Sophie, whom we met while they were peddling their wares at their lemonade stand on Canyon.

They did a little jig when I asked them to sign their pieces, and sign them they did!! Nothing subdued and small, NO. Their signatures became part of the whole; bold, free and full of confidence.

An inspiration for us adults!! We must express loudly and with passion.... Remember what it was like to be a little kid?

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