Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here's the latest addition to my poster collection. I found this last weekend in the oh-so-charming boutique, 5 Green Boxes on Pearl St. in Denver.

A parody of the 1960's anti-Vietnam poster, "Make Love - not War", it is a fun reminder that the creative alternatives to conflict can be very real.

If you are itching to have your own copy of this poster, 5 Green Boxes is currently offering 15% off any one item in their store....but you have to go to their website and print the offer and bring it into the store. If this poster doesn't suit you, I guarantee you that something else in their store will!

Poster is $14.00, unframed. ...I grabbed an inexpensive poster frame at Michael's on my way home and had it hanging in my studio, pronto.

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