Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fashion as Art....

     Vera Wang has a knack for making "strange" look elegant and comfortable. Her pieces make me swoon.


The cool and breezy dress and necklace below is a yummy page from my Nordstrom Spring Catalogue. Made in Italy (of course).  It's so light, looks like she could take off if she had wings.  Love it.

I think I favor "Italian" fashion because my blood is flowing in their gene pool.  The necklace from Bottega Veneta, paired with the cute little tank, makes my Italian blood boil. In a good way, not in a raging maniac way.

Anthropologie always leaves me breathless for more.  The top here is really so unusual, it should have the honor of being called 'Art'.  I love that the vase of flowers is designed to make the persons' head the featured flower.  I want to be a flower.

And lastly,  I can see myself wearing this....I already have the bauble necklace and a gauzy little dress similar to the one featured here.  Better yet, this would look smashing on my niece.

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