Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Madame Alyn's Lid

Madame Alyn's Lid
Originally uploaded by Alyn Carlson
Hey everyone, meet Alyn Carlson, an extraordinary artist and designer.

Alyn paints wonderful abstracts, is a stunning graphic designer, an actor, and a chicken rancher living in a converted church in New England.

But wait, there's more. She also designs and makes imaginative paper hats! And these aren't ordinary paper party hats, these are amazing, wonderfully designed and wearable festive hats like none you have ever seen before.

Made entirely of paper scrapes (Alyn is photographed here in one of her creations); she uses things like old tickets, magazine pages, maps, candy wrappers to complete each one-of-a-kind piece. Her whimsical take on cloches, bonnets and fedoras are sure to make you smile.

Alyn's hats are truly 'Green' products; good for our environment by turning trash into collectibles. Be sure to stop by her Etsy site and click on her photo here to see more from this prolific character.

1 comment:

Alyn Carlson said...

Thanks so much for the kind words. I've been crazy busy the last week and just now saw your posting. I LOVE your work, too.


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