Tuesday, July 20, 2010

French Miss

Annie at Tres Jolie.

Tres Jolie is a fun, French inspired boutique in the heart of Historic Downtown Littleton.  The girls in my family have been gathering there since it opened in 2006.  We go for the scones (house-made, to die for) and in the summer, for the Frozen Hot Chocolate (their own recipe, a must have summer treat).  

The trio of ladies who had the concept for **Tres Jolie (think Anthropologie Store on a more intimate scale) have created such a thoughtful atmosphere, it's truly a sanctuary for everything French and Chic. They keep their small cafe/store stocked with candies and chocolates from Europe, hand made Italian linen sundresses, and the Shabby Chic furniture line and linens.  The staging is always fresh with inspiring ideas for your own home, so you will want to come back often to see how they have transformed the place.

**Tres Jolie has 3 small tables available and 2 places at the bar for their Tea service, (reservations are not accepted). 


Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

Great post about Tres Jolie. And I love the pic of Annie.
The best frozen hot chocolate this side of... well I can't say this side of NYC because that would imply that NYC has better... and it just doesn't, not even at Serendipity! (Which, yes, I have tried and while it is delicious, it's not tres jolie...)

inisonline said...

this boutique looks lovely! we might have to start stocking frozen hot chocolate too!x


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