Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mom Rocks

My Mom wearing some of her rock crystal beads.  Summer 2010.

I have been collecting rocks and minerals since I was an infant.  Okay, a slight exaggeration.  Let me rephrase: I have been collecting rocks since I was 3 yrs old.  That's when we moved to Colorado from New York.  From that day forward my awe inspired parents packed us up and out into their Rocky Mountain backyard virtually every weekend.  It was on those numerous outings that we found an abundance of rocks: moss rocks, red and white quartz, fools gold and the super beautiful and showy, amazonite.  Treasures, some small and some really, REALLY big, that still dot their yard to this day.  I can remember outings where we were surrounded by the majestic Rockies and all we did was look down, so as not to miss a wonderful rock for our collection.  And there were the times that the old Falcon was so loaded down, it couldn't make it up the highway pass, so we would have to get out and push to give it a little encouragement.  My dad at the wheel, chomping on a wet cigar.  Ah, memories.

Well, today, I continue the tradition in my own small way.  As does my mom.  Here are a few of her "small" rocks and minerals, some found, and some bought, but all artistically displayed on silver trays for everyone to enjoy.


carmela Coyle said...

so pretty... and the rocks are too. Always fun to see how she integrates them into her centerpieces-- creating natural wonderlands.

Elizabeth said...

Wow - and she has always been one of my "heroes" for her independence and ability to keep being an artist despite everything thrown at her.

Thea said...

On second thought the reason we got out of the car was to lighten the load a bit, more so than to push....
Carmel, we are lucky to have such a creative mom.
Beth, thank you for your lovely comment! I love that my mom has been an inspiration to you.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful mother, beautiful rocks. Someone or should I say two of you have great taste!

Jeanne :)

Thea said...

Thank you Jeanne - so nice coming from you, who has the best of taste!


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