Monday, December 27, 2010

Inspired living in Santa Barbara

One of my favorite memories of the trip to SB was the quiet morning that Kristie and I spent taking snap shots of her house.  Here is a glimpse of her spirited home all dressed up for the holidays.

I was really just trying to capture her table-scape and it ended up being a pretty cool self portrait too!

This is a photo of an antique statue that belonged to Kristie's husbands' Grandfather.  Probably from the 1920's, it looks so great cradled in their industrial type shelf system.

One of our favorite past times is thrifting and here are some fanciful thrift store finds from this trip.  Photo by Kristie.

Kristie's living room with her really cool red mohair vintage chairs.  Photo by Kristie.

The fireplace mantel decked out for the holidays.  Photo by Kristie.

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