Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Barbara Light

As an artist I'm always attracted to the way light expresses itself and how it touches everything it falls upon.  These three photos capture the essence of the different types of lighting I observed while I was in Santa Barbara. The beach at sunset with its' natural light of soft and misty corals and  grays; the Christmas lights of a Rue de Lille vignette which to me mimics the look of all the many festive lights we saw on everything in and around town; and a glimpse of the candle light tour at the Mission captures the honey-like warmth and glow of the Spanish colonial architecture that abounds in Santa Barbara's historic downtown. 

One of the many beaches of Santa Barbara with Santa Cruz Island in the distance. Photo by Kristie.

A vignette at Rue de Lille in Summerland. A store with wonderful French inspired merchandise. Photo by Kristie.

Candles light the way through the old historic Santa Barbara Mission. Photo by me.

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Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

Wow these are pretty photos. That shop reminds me of Bittersweet on Canyon in Santa Fe...


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