Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Contemporary Indian Art

Two Women, oil on canvas by Narayanan Ramachandran
Nude 2, Oil on Canvas, Narayanan Ramachandran
During a recent artist search on Flickr I came across the work of Narayanan Ramachandran. I am impressed by the colorful images and unique style this
artist has. His work reminds me of the contemporary painters from the 1950's, who after they learned traditional techniques, began work that infused their own spirit onto the canvas turning traditional subjects into breathing living work. And the work of Narayanan Ramachandran breathes life.  I guess when I am deciding if I think something is good art, that's the quality I am looking for: does it "breathe"?, does it move me to love more deeply? Is it fresh and does looking at it refresh me or drain me?  I think that Narayanan Ramachandrans work refreshes. He calls his paintings his "Visual Poetry". And perhaps one of the most wonderful and startling things about him is that he is completely self taught. Never had a lesson, just started to paint and experiment and express himself.
Aren't we glad he did!

Narayanan Ramachandrans paintings will be exhibited at the International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Florence, Italy in December 2011.   
Return from the market, Oil on Canvas, Narayanan Ramachandran 
Rajathani Woman, Oil on Canvas, Narayanan Ramachandran

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, Narayanan Ramachandran
Please visit Narayanan Ramachandran here.

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