Thursday, March 03, 2011

Foodie fun and my blue lamp

The Kitchen in Boulder, Colorado

Dined at the wonderful
Kitchen restaurant last night in Boulder. We were celebrating my sisters' birthday with a late dinner and driving to Boulder meant her CU son could join us. What I appreciate about Boulder, in general, is that you can dine exquisitely but always in a casual and comfortable atmosphere. We had an amazing AMAZING Endive Salad. It had a goat cheese, yogurt and grapefruit dressing, who'd have thought?!? Everything was delicious, including the bread before AND after our meal (an insider request). The menu is imaginative, and in the past I've equally loved lunch and brunch. The chefs here are committed to using fresh, local and organic whenever possible. Oh, and they make a mean French fry! (what a great way to begin a meal).  

I'm looking for a lamp shade for this unusual lamp. Lucky me that it had been re-wired before it was donated to the thrift store (a nice touch that I'm going to copy next time I donate one). Made of pottery, it may be from the 1950's since "Cowboy" decor was popular then. Needs just the right shade to spread the light. I'm currently using it without a shade and considering leaving it this way. The shade would need to be a matching white with simple lines, otherwise keeping it bare will look best. When I drove home with this lamp I had to laugh to myself as I was thinking of all the people who would call it an "ugly lamp"...maybe even my own family. I felt like Charlie Brown bringing home a Christmas tree, or Jack bringing home beans. And yet I love it. I think it's because I'm loving the blue.

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