Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Rambling Blues

As you know, I'm into blue!  
Blue skies, blue twilight (actually purple, but that's another post), blue oceans,blue lupines, blue birds (mountain blue jays to be exact).

I love many colors, but blue, being over head in the sky most days, always feels warm, safe. 
I want to cloak myself in its' calming goodness.  

My Madonna statue wears such a phenomenal blue. 
Almost an icy blue. Blue is the color most often associated with "Mary". The Virgin in a fresh and fashionable blue. Did the Renaissance artists choose 'blue' for Mary because it was the stylish color of the day?
I think so.

To give my Madonna a wispy look, I took some wire that had crystal beads threaded throughout, molded and shaped it to my liking then draped it over Mary and her Precious Boy, Jesus.
The end results are a lace like netting, a fortress, a protective universe of swirling beads.

Which brings me to another 'blue'. Blue lace. Yes, I insist. 
The lace in this dress is not black, it is a dark, navy blue.Indigo Mist...or call it midnight blue.  I always choose blue over black when I have the chance. And here you can see that blue looks great with....brown
Indigo Mist dress from B H L D N

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Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

I KNEW you'd find something outstanding to do with that sweet shutter. Yay... Blue.


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