Monday, October 24, 2011

Bringing Autumn In

This shot was taken at sunrise this morning. There was a soft amber light (thanks to the trees outside my window that were ablaze in yellow) and I was attempting to photograph the beautiful rustic leaves I had gathered over the weekend. Kind of hard to see them here, they are glowing in real life.  Photo did NOT capture it as I had intended. I think I need the photography class on "how-to-capture-a-glow-in-pictures."

For these branches I combed my parents yard for a small gathering so that I could bring a bit of Fall inside my apartment. I think it was Leo Bascalia (remember him?) who during one of his inspirational lectures talked about how he would rake the leaves in his yard and then bring them all inside and dump them all over his floor. It was a sweet story about how much he loved the Fall and wanted it in the house as much as he wanted it outside. What an inspiring soul Leo Bascalia was.  So, here's to bringing in the Fall, and here's to Leo Bascalia!

I couldn't resist bringing Fall into the office today either! These berries were gathered on trees and bushes around the office building I work in.

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