Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Just back from another wonderful trip to Santa Fe.  Here I am with my mother and sister at Chimayo which is about 30 minutes north. Chimayo is a wonderful old village, very small, with a few dirt roads and a Catholic church that has a history for healing visitors with it's sacred soil. We loved it there. It was so quiet, so many stunning views. The scenic by-way you take to get to Chimayo is breathtaking.   And this year I remembered to photograph some of the exquisite jewelry I saw and decided to focus on my mother's beautiful creations. She was such an easy target! My mom has an artist's knack for arranging and designing and making it her own. Sometimes she'll attach pins to beads, or wear a cluster of pins, and other times she'll go for the simple statement of one sculptural piece all by itself.  All of her beads and pins have sentimental meaning to her. Many were given to her by her mother or her kids. It's a celebration when she wears jewelry, it's a celebration for everyone. Countless people come over to her to admire what she is wearing and tell her, with a big smile, how much they love it!  She's spreading the joy of living and inspiring everyone, everywhere she goes. Everyone who knows my mom loves this about her!


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Carmela LaVigna Coyle said...

Well, I see that my first comment didn't take... so I'll write another. Your photos of mom's jewelry combinations turned out great! Treasures.


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