Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A French Day in Denver

Last weekend the LaVigna girls enjoyed a self appointed "French day" here at home.

First we hit the new exhibit, "Artisans & Kings, Selected Treasures from the Louvre", at the Denver Art Museum. It is truly striking to see these items outside of France. And, I can't imagine all the care that went into crating, transporting and displaying these treasures safely. I like to remind my niece and nephew that there are many wonderful occupations in the world, and I think the transportation and installation of priceless art is surely among one of the more unusual careers to be had.

After we spent a long morning studying France's history, we dined at "French 250" for a light lunch of soup, salad and a cheese course. We sampled a creamy brie, also a Cabreles, and a Humboldt Fog. Sampling cheese is much like a wine tasting, there are notes, and fruity and drier varities to discover. "French 250" is an excellent new restaurant; it has elegant decor but no stuffiness here, thanks to the staff who makes you feel at home. I highly recommend this new establishment to any locals or visitors who enjoy French food, but without all the pomp.

To finish off our day we high tailed it to a little boutique in The Highlands area of north Denver, on Tennyson St. "The French Flat", is an adorable, chic, charming little shop/florist situated in an old historic house. The rooms of this tiny house over flow with both vintage and new finds that the owners bring home from France. The displays are artfully beautiful. If you live local, and love vintage French, you will love this shop!

Vive La France et Denver!!


La Belette Rouge said...

Bonjour, Thea
Sounds like a perfect French day! I am so happy to have found your blog. I found you over at the blog of Cassoulet Cafe! I am off to discover more of your posts.
À bientôt,

Cassoulet Cafe said...

If I get to Denver I will try the French Day in Denver plan! :)
Merci for visiting my blog...and about the coffee roasting, you SHOULD try it! It's fun and oh-so rewarding.


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